#CSD1 explanation!

by Carl Guyton

Coffee Shop Dreams Pt. 1 will be a series of songs and “freestyles” that aren’t going on a particular full project. The music is dope, its not throwaway music either, just songs that don’t necessarily fit the project I’m working on currently, and also some joints that are my classics…I feel you’ll enjoy these. Artwork is being cooked up very soon.
I called it Coffee Shop Dreams because, I have a dream of owning a Coffee Shop one day…it will happen. I used to work at Starbucks a few years back, and I love flavored latte’s
Also, I’m releasing this impromptu project because I’m taking more time on the album “Life Of A Scholar” which will definitely be WORTH THE WAIT!!!!!!!! Get in tune with me…share my music, look for my videos on youtube, and support my new single “Wassup”