by Carl Guyton

I’ve been working hard, but not hard enough. In many ways I’m gaining ground, little by little. The key is consistency and quality. People these days want a story, and need something to connect to in addition to the music! My story is simple, yet complex. Music has been a part of me forever. As a child I was my family’s entertainment at any function, mimicking Michael Jackson, and break dancing! I was in the band beginning in the 4th grade where I played saxaphone. I also began rapping at the age of 9, and writing has always been apart of me. I was jumped by some high school aged gang members at 10, had my first job at 12 making $180 every 2 weeks, robbed at gun point at 15…I’ve smoked weed once, barely drink alcohol even now. School always came easy, and if I didn’t do well, it was due to a lack of focus. Fast forward to the more recent years…I attended NIU in DeKalb and was kicked out after the 1st semester of my junior year, then attended Columbia College majoring in theater. I graduated 4 years ago…I’ve been in 15 plays and a few indie films, an extra in Barbershop 2. I’ve performed at the illustrious House Of Blues opening for numerous acts including Fabolous, Faith Evans, D12, Nelly and others…Ludacris, Soulja Boy, and Juelz Santana at other venues. Along with my group Ivy League, featured on MTV as well. I have one child, and another on the way. I’m married, I’m grinding, I’m still in love with music…this is who I am!