"What Lies Within"

by Carl Guyton

Well, I released U.S. Open at the end of March, it was long over due. I didn’t get the chance to promote it as well as I wanted to, yet and still it was downloaded over 700 times until the link was deleted. Overall, it was a solid project. Not classic, not wack (In my opinion) but not as great as I feel it SHOULD have been. I’m at a new place in my musical life, which makes me want to do something MUCH better. Something that would set things on fire musically. A real attention getter. This time around, I’m taking time, perfecting my craft, and making sure all loose ends are tightened up. Picking the best beats and making the most COHESIVE project possible. Right now, my lyrics are at an all time high…its gonna come from nothing but TRUTH. Since March there has been many changes in my life, so I’m inspired to share it with my potential fans. I don’t feel like yall hear me yet, but I’m sure this will open some more ears. So, July is the month that I actually begin leaking some new music. There will be an intense focus on getting more blogs in tune to my brand, and exposing more people to what Agacee is all about…I have NOT figured out a release date as of yet…but the project is tentatively entitled “What Lies Within” and trust, I will share with you more info on the details of this project.